Monday, January 9, 2012

Leafs week in preview: Jan 8th - 14th 2012

So Golf is for terrible hockey players!

The second half is here! Where the Maple Leafs start to play for real! If last year is any indication of what will happen, a young goalie, who we have never given a second thought too, will emerge as an all-star and Phil Kessel will start scoring at a PPG rate (booya!).

This week is make or break for the young leafs (oh, no wait that was last week). In reality the Leafs could lose all three of the games they play this week and still make the playoffs, but that wouldn't be the best thing for them, or our livers. So let's see who we have to beat this week.

Tuesday, January 10th
Toronto (21-15-5 7th in the East) vs. Buffalo (18-18-5 11th in the East)

Buffalo has been the Achilles heel of the Leafs since, well since the QEW was built I'm sure, but we the Leafs are above them now, not only in quality of living but in the standings as well.

Buffalo's leading scorer: Jason Pominville (14-29-43)

Keys to victory: Well, obviously constantly make fun of Ryan Miller, for being on the team that signed Ville Leino to a 6 year, $27 million contract, until he cries.

Friday, January 13th
Buffalo (18-18-5 11th in the East) vs. Toronto (21-15-5 7th in the East)

This will be the tail end of a home-and-home between these two bitter rivals, unfortunately Joffery Lupul will not be heading on this road trip, as he not only hates Buffalo but is absolutely terrified of going there on a Friday the 13th.

Buffalo's leading scorer: (Will still most likely be) Jason Pominville (14-29-43)

Keys to victory: Do not breathe from when you open your hotel room door to when you get into the visitors dressing room, once you see that the large growth on Dion's face start breathing normally, it's safe.

Saturday, January 14th
Toronto (21-15-5 7th in the East) vs. Henrik Lundqvist (1.89 .939)

The New York Rangers goaltender will be travelling to Toronto to play the Leafs on Saturday, as he needs no one else. Glenn Healy will explode with anti-Leafs bias if they do anything but out shoot the Rangers 56-0.

New York's leading scorer: Marian Gaborik (23-11-34)

Keys to victory: Do not let Jake Gardiner talk to any of the Ranger players about how many pop singers live in New York, he will demand a trade instantly.

Go Leafs Go!

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